We all ever heard about love at first sight. Some people believe it while others being skeptical, is love really comes that easy?

Mandy Len Catron, a writer ‘The Love Story Projects’ giving a huge bump with her article on New York’s Time Modern Love Column ‘To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This’. She wrote about her journey in finding ‘the true love’ scientifically. The experiment goes in a simple way, two stranger asked 36 questions to each other and then closed with staring eyes for four minutes without speaking. The question it self-contain a personal stuff like “When did you last cry in front of another person? (and) by yourself?” or “Tell your partner what you like about them..” and fortunately, she—who obviously experienced it as well—succeeded to fall in love and start a relationship with her partner, which now leads the world curious about how these question works for a finding a true love.

Catron never expect that a heavy breakup during her late twenties, leads her to learn more about the science of romantic love. The experiment itself is inspired by Dr. Aron’s in 1997 who encourage students to develop closeness between their colleagues. As a results, The 36 question that Dr. Aron wrote are created  a  system for knowing someone and being known within a short space of  time. So that’s why, people who had experience this, admitted to felt closer and known better with their partner.

In this talk, Catron shares her perspective about the difference between falling in love and stay in love. She also delivers an insight about what actually ‘love’ does in reality .

“But what I had instead, the chance to make the choice to love someone and hope he will choose to love me back. And it is teriffiying but that’s the deal with love”.

Watch her full talks about fall in love here.


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